- " & i get jealous when some one hugs you because for a second they're are holding my entire world "


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Wednesday, 13 April 2011



Sunday, 10 April 2011

this weekend.

This weekend has been the BEST ever! i friking love my family too much! i would do anything or them!
tbh im in one of those moods where i want to cuddle,
i really miss ross and i feel like cwtching in bed and cuggling, im sick of waiting now! all these new couples get to do this why can't i :( a cuggle.. to muuch to ask </3

Friday, 8 April 2011

been a while..

Its been ages since I've been on here so this is going to be a long one!!
I don't know whats wrong with my lately I don't have a good reason to feel down, but I do , I mean looking at this charity thing in school and so many people have it bad! I have a loving family, a house, food, good school even though I moan, a good boyfriend and friends, but yet i still feel meh! I could be in a crowd of people and still feel so lonely. Today was the worst for it, some people noticed some didn't, i don't feel like im there and daze off into my own world all the time"
Alika has made my day as she wants me to go to her BBQ tomorrow but i cant :( but its nice to know im wanted! love her <3
Its bad because before i started opening up to Ross more and more and was really making progress, but lately im closing up again and i havent told him soooo much :( the thing is i want to, but i can never bring it up, i was going to tell him earlier but he texted me right before work how are you? im not exactly going to text a life story and depress him right before work right? I don't wanna moan but i know that no one will  actually read this so its ok, just nice to let it all out..
Ahh i dunno, exams are getting to me and i just cba with anyone at the moment, probz due on or summin.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

been a while

havent been on here in a while..
have so much coursework!! :(
let all my emotions out today to my mamma, felt so good, i love her <3

overall mood: content

Monday, 28 February 2011


Ahhh i hate this emotional moood! I have nothing to be upset over, well nothing big yet im upset. I want to let it out but you know when you dont want to bring it up randomly. I mean ross texted me saying how are you , and i said shit, and he asked why, but i didnt want to text it all so i said dw. I just want a big cuddle :( And I hate seeing one of close friends upset because of something her ex said, which was sooo rude!!
overall mood: bleh

Saturday, 26 February 2011

overall mood..

I decided from now on at the end of each blog i am going to put my overall mood :) Had a nice day down my bamps celebrating Tyrells birthday <3 But my bamps and nan could tell something was up with me :/ Im letting something really small and stupid get to me but i cant help thinking about it :( My mum keeps asking whats wrong, but I can't tell her , like one of the only things i can't :/ Having a drink with her later to get my mind of things , aww i love her <3

Overall mood: confused, almost paranoid

Friday, 25 February 2011


i really hate how bitchy girls are :/ No one has actually pissed me off personally,, but looking at facebook and people status's some are just horrible and mean its realy uneeded. Putting personal stuff about other people to embaress them its disgusting. Boys are so much easier to get on with bloody  hell....