- " & i get jealous when some one hugs you because for a second they're are holding my entire world "


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Wednesday, 13 April 2011



Sunday, 10 April 2011

this weekend.

This weekend has been the BEST ever! i friking love my family too much! i would do anything or them!
tbh im in one of those moods where i want to cuddle,
i really miss ross and i feel like cwtching in bed and cuggling, im sick of waiting now! all these new couples get to do this why can't i :( a cuggle.. to muuch to ask </3

Friday, 8 April 2011

been a while..

Its been ages since I've been on here so this is going to be a long one!!
I don't know whats wrong with my lately I don't have a good reason to feel down, but I do , I mean looking at this charity thing in school and so many people have it bad! I have a loving family, a house, food, good school even though I moan, a good boyfriend and friends, but yet i still feel meh! I could be in a crowd of people and still feel so lonely. Today was the worst for it, some people noticed some didn't, i don't feel like im there and daze off into my own world all the time"
Alika has made my day as she wants me to go to her BBQ tomorrow but i cant :( but its nice to know im wanted! love her <3
Its bad because before i started opening up to Ross more and more and was really making progress, but lately im closing up again and i havent told him soooo much :( the thing is i want to, but i can never bring it up, i was going to tell him earlier but he texted me right before work how are you? im not exactly going to text a life story and depress him right before work right? I don't wanna moan but i know that no one will  actually read this so its ok, just nice to let it all out..
Ahh i dunno, exams are getting to me and i just cba with anyone at the moment, probz due on or summin.